Programs managed locally by the South Central Workforce Council are funded by grants, most of which originate with the U.S. Department of Labor. Many of those pass through and are administered by the Washington State Employment Security Department. As you would expect, there are very specific and rigid policies and procedures that must be followed by all contractors and sub-contractors who provide services under these grant programs.

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State Policy | Federal PolicyTENs, TEGLs, Advisories & Memoranda - Current and Archived

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03B. Dislocated Worker Eligibility (Revised 1/3/20)

03C. Youth 14 Program Elements

03D. Youth Eligibility and Service Priority (Revised 7/1/2020)

04. Objective Assessment and Individual Participation Plan

05. MIS Policy (Revised 4/16/20)

06. Case Notes - Data Integrity (Revised 1/3/20)

07. Training Services (Revised 7/1/2020)

08. Individual Training Account (ITA) Policy (Revised 9/1/20)

These pages are provided as a resource for those service providers, and others who have an interest or a need to understand the nuances and details surrounding the operation of these programs. Most documents are available for download or for browsing in PDF format. To read them, your computer must have Acrobat Reader installed. This can be freely downloaded at this site: Adobe Acrobat Reader

9. Internship/Work Experience

10. Classroom Training

11. On-the-Job Training

12. Adult and Dislocated Worker Customized Training

13. Adult and Dislocated Worker Transitional Jobs

14. Adult and Dislocated Worker Relocation/Pre-Employment Interview Assist

15. Pre-Apprenticeship and Registered Apprenticeship (Revised 1/13/20)

16. Supportive Services (Revised 9/1/2020)

17. Needs- Related Payments (Revised 7/1/2020)

18. Exits from WIOA

19. Follow-Up Career Services (Revised 7/1/2020)

20. Performance Indicators (Revised 7/1/2020)


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