We help job seekers and employers with career assessment, job matching, skill building and job placements at six convenient locations in our four-county region.
We are a customer-driven workforce development system delivering easily accessed, high quality training and placement services for job seekers and employers. The Council promotes common planning and shared resources while continuously striving to improve its services and product. We invest and participate in strategic initiatives to strengthen our economy and ensure that all residents have the opportunity to achieve success.
Our mission is to establish, maintain, and improve a customer-driven workforce system to increase skills, employment, job retention, and earnings resulting in a quality workforce, enhanced productivity and profitability of workforce area businesses.

South Central Workforce Council Staff

CEO/Director ---------------------------------------------- Jack Fitzgerald
Chief Financial Officer ---------------------------------- Tim Hoerner
Chief Operating Officer --------------------------------- Amy Martinez
Programs Manager----------------------------------------Meranda Smith
Program Analyst ------------------------------------------ Vacant
Program Analyst--------------------------------------------Lisa Pietkauskis
Employer Engagement Analyst ----------------------- Michelle Smith
MIS Program Analyst ------------------------------------ Toni Burow
Financial Coordinator ------------------------------------ Esther Carrillo
Administrative Assistant -------------------------------- Sarah Lyczewski

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